Family Therapy

Family Counseling and therapy services in Santa Rosa, Ca – Sonoma County

Families need support too, especially when faced with stress, divorce and other life changes that leave family members feeling isolated and lonely. Family therapy is a wonderful way to encourage effective communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution skills.

If you are finding your family:
Stuck in the same conflicts
Withdrawing from normal family events and activities
Lack of communication where individuals feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the family

With support from an experienced professional, children and families can learn new ways to effectively communicate, express feelings and concerns and decrease the effects of stress and worry. Together they can find new ways to support each other and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Santa Rosa Child counseling for Divorce Support therapy in Santa Rosa, Ca – Sonoma County

Divorce can be one of the most challenging and stressful events a child may go through during their childhood. Finding a helpful, sensitive Professional to help support your child during the divorce process may be a “gift” that can last for a lifetime. As a Child Specialist, I am a highly trained child therapist, who is capable of remaining neutral, provide a safe place for your child to begin to explore their true feelings, thoughts and wishes surrounding the divorce process and what life will look like when Mom and Dad begin their lives separate from each other.
It is important to note that this process is not child therapy. It is another form of support that allows the child to verbalize their experiences and wishes, thus feeling more empowered, heard and validated.

The Main Purpose of a Child Specialist is to:

Support Families in the Divorce Process that Focuses on Developing a Family Structure That Is In The Best Interest of the Child. Visit on for more therapy information. Physical Therapy Near Vernon Hills can be a good option to consider for quality service.

Families who might wish to consider consulting with a Child Specialist include parents that:

* Find themselves in High Conflict Divorce
* Blended Families
* children struggling with emotional difficulties or transition problems
* Child alienation issues
* Child maltreatment

Specializing in Children Ages :

2-8 Years of Age